Europe is at risk of collapse, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has stated during a trip to Berlin, warning that “Europe could die.”


Speaking at an event organized by the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper during an economic forum, Valls spoke abundantly about Europe, but also of the political situation in France. Asked if, after the victory of Donald Trump in the United States, Marine Le Pen could win the next presidential in France, the PM replied “It is possible.”


“There is a danger,” he added, urging “to hear the anger of the people,” Le Parisien reported.


Valls also warned that “Europe could die,” stressing the need for France to continue its reforms and calling on Germany to “invest more” to boost growth in Europe.


“A policy of growth cannot be reduced to reducing wage costs and public deficits,” AFP reported. 



Valls called on Europe to stop being naive in the area of international trade and immigration, and to say more clearly “who can and cannot enter and stay” in the continent.