According to an internal document, obtained by Fox News on Tuesday, organizations operating in Syria should consider cutting aid packages to “a maximum of $2.5 billion” in comparison with this year’s $3.2 billion budget, due to the inability to implement all projects aimed at easing suffering of Syrian people and donors’ fatigue.




The document pointed out that reduced funding could result in “a more thorough and credible selection of projects” for Syria, as about 390 current relief projects, which is 74 percent of all projects operating in 2016, got no funding at all.


The ongoing violence in Syria has caused a large-scale humanitarian crisis and claimed the lives of thousands of people and displaced millions more. The international community, including the United Nations, has undertaken steps to end the Syrian conflict and to improve the humanitarian situation in the Middle Eastern country.


The UN Humanitarian Response Plan, developed in consultation with the Government of Syria, aims to assist up to 13.5 million people, including six million children. The plan focuses on saving lives and alleviating suffering, enhancing protection and building resilience.