A phone conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President-elected Donald Trump has caused panic in the EU, the British Express news portal reported on Monday night.


Trump and EU


According to the author of the article, Patrick Christys, the fact of the benevolent conversation between the US and Russian leaders scares leaders of the EU, as it means a “new era” in relations between the two “rival superpowers.” The EU fears that Washington can leave Brussels aside on the sphere of its interests.


According to the website, during the historical conversation with Trump, Putin congratulated him on his “shocking victory over Hillary Clinton” and expressed a hope that relations between the two states would be significantly better than in Barack Obama’s days.


Will remind, during the telephone conversation, held by mutual agreement of the sides on Monday night, Putin and Trump agreed to reduce tensions in the relations between Russia and the US, discussed joint counteraction against terrorism, and underlined the importance of developing trade and economic relations between the two countries. The conversation was held in a friendly and constructive tone.


The leaders also agreed to hold a private meeting in the future, preparation for which will engage representatives of the both sides.