Russian President Vladimir Putin set a task to ensure a reliable air support to Russian forces in Syria and sked Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to report how this task was fulfilled.


Russian jets in Hmeimim


“I would like to ask you and the General Staff to elaborate and implement a set of measures to ensure reliable protection of the bases in Tartus and Hmeimin from air and from sea. What was done for that?,” Putin asked.


Shoigu reported that a lot of work has been done “to organize a multi-tier defense system.” Thus, he mentioned the S-400, S-300 and Bastion systems.


“As you know, we deployed a S-400 system long ago. Apart from that, we have added an S-300 system to cover the sea section practically to Cyprus. Moreover, Bastion coastal missile systems have been deployed to cover practically the entire coastline. As of now, thanks to these systems we are able to hit both sea-base and ground-based targets,” the minister said, adding that the ranges of these systems are 350 kilometers at sea and up to 450 kilometers on the ground.


“Is our sea grouping safely protected by the Bastions?,” the president asked to receive a positive answer. The defense minister also said that Pantsir systems had been deployed to ensure protection from low-flying targets.


According to Shoigu, in the past four months Syrian S-200 systems have been restored. Now they are used inside the country, in particular to back up the system of defense of Russian bases.