Moscow is open to dialogue to implement the intention of Moldova’s President-elect, Igor Dodon, to develop bilateral mutually beneficial cooperation, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement circulated on Tuesday.




The ministry noted that Moscow “noted with satisfaction the results of the presidential election in Moldova held in a free and competitive atmosphere. “According to international observers, they are on the whole in line with the generally accepted democratic standards,” the Russian ministry said. “The election was won by leader of the Party of Socialists, Igor Dodon.”


“Despite the marked polarization of views on Moldova’s future in society, and the vote has once again demonstrated that, the country’s citizens have shown great responsibility in the face of complex challenges facing Moldova at the current stage,” the ministry emphasized. “To that end, we are impressed by the unifying motives clearly defined by the new head of state in his first speech after his election, his desire to be the president for all Moldovans, the desire to take into account not only the point of view of his supporters but of opponents as well. Now it is imperative that this approach is supported by the society itself.”


“We hope that Igor Dodon’s promises made during the election campaign to contribute to consolidating the Republic of Moldova’s statehood and sovereignty, interethnic accord, non-aligned status and achieving its economic stability,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said. “We are open and interested in a constructive dialogue with a view to implementing the intention declared by Moldova’s president-elect to develop mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia and Moldova in various areas.”


On November 13, Moldova held runoff presidential election. According to the Central Election Commission, Igor Dodon, leader of the Party of Socialists that advocates restoration of strategic partnership with Russia, secured 52.18% of votes. His rival, Maia Sandu, who heads the Party of Action and Solidarity won 47.82% of votes. The Central Election Commission noted that the final voting results will be announced after all protocols are received, that is, in about five days’ time.