The opposition coalition “Democratic Front” will organize street protests in the case if the new government cabinet will be approved as well as fact of the so-called coup attempt occurred on the day of parliamentary elections on October 16, to be revealed. 




This was stated to “Viјesti” local portal one of the DF leaders, “New Serbian Democracy” party chairman Andrija Mandic. 


“The political crisis, which will cause the formation of power by fraud will be much stronger than when DF protested individually against the government of Milo Djukanovic”, said Mandic.


The elections in Montenegro showed a huge rift in the society. Together opposition parties gained more votes than the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists, however their leader Djukanovic counts on the support of minority parties for a parliamentary majority. 


The situation is complicated by the fact that the reshaped cabinet has to decide on the possible accession of Montenegro into the EU and NATO.


Furthermore, on Oct. 16, 20 Serbia’s citizens have been detained and charged with terrorism and attempted coup in Montenegro.