The ceasefire regime was violated by illegal armed groups in Syria 39 times over the last 24 hours, the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties said in its daily news bulletin published on the Russian Defense Ministry’s official website on Monday.




The armed groups that earlier announced their adherence to the ceasefire regime opened fire 11 times from self-made multiple rocket launcher systems, mortars and small arms.


In the province of Damascus, armed groups that consider themselves members of the opposition Jaysh al-Islam grouping shelled the settlements of Bleliye, Mazraat-Mahmoud, Jaubar (twice) and Bludan, the highway near the settlement of Duma and height 612. Armed groups of the Free Syrian Army shelled the Tubal fortress twice in the province of Latakia, and quarters of Salah al-Din and Al-Salhin in the city of Aleppo.


Armed terrorist groups opened fire from self-made multiple rocket launcher systems, artillery, mortars and small arms in the province of Aleppo at quarters “1070” (twice), Suleiman-Halyabi, Manyan, Dahiya al-Asad, Ashrafiya and Leramon, Khikma school (twice), Al-Asad military academy (twice), Castello mall, cardboard factory in Aleppo, settlements of Ansar (twice) and Al-Nayrab.


In the province of Damascus, terrorists shelled the settlements of Arbin (three times), Jaubar (twice), Haush-Nasri (twice), Al-Wafidin camp and Ibn al-Walid hospital (twice). In the Daraa province, terrorists shelled the settlement of Osman. An unmanned aerial vehicles with an explosive device onboard delivered a strike at the settlement of Suran in the Hama province.


“Russian Aerospace Defense Forces and Syrian Air Force did not deliver airstrikes at opposition armed groups that declared cessation of hostilities and informed the Russian or US reconciliation centers about their locations,” the Russian center said.