Terrorists used shells containing poison gas to attack Syrian military positions in Aleppo on Sunday, injuring at least 28 government troops, according to Lebanese TV-channel Al Mayadeen.




The incident reportedly took place west of Aleppo’s airport in Karam al-Tarrab on Sunday. It’s not clear which kind of poisonous agent was used by the militants.


Earlier this week, experts from the Russian Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Forces’ research center found evidence of Aleppo militants using chlorine and white phosphorus.


Following the discovery, Russia’s Defense Ministry addressed the UN’s Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, asking it to send a mission to Aleppo.Both Russian and Syrian authorities repeatedly warned that militants from some hardline groups might use chemical weapons against civilians and government forces in the city.


If confirmed the attack will become the third instance of terrorists using chemical weapons in Aleppo in the space of just two weeks.


Previously, gas was used on October 30, when one person was killed and 40 injured. A second incident took place on November 3.