European Union foreign ministers gathered in Brussels Sunday to discuss the implications of Trump’s victory in the US presidential election.


Timo Soini


“I said there, out loud, that since Trump is a dealmaker, then we should show [him] that Europe is a good deal. It’s no more complicated than that,” Timo Soini told Yle on Sunday evening.


The EU’s foreign ministers are holding a formal gathering on Monday. Sunday’s talks took place during a dinner in Brussels.


“This was a discussion, not a crisis meeting,” Soini added. “Everyone is talking about this election. It would be surrealistic if we were to have a foreign ministers meeting here now that did not deal at all with the results of the US election.”


According to Foreign Minister Soini, the EU should stress to the Americans that there is a natural partnership between the US and the European Union focused on free trade, security and common values.