Results of the presidential election in Moldova demonstrate that the people have voted for rapprochement with Russia and for settlement of the Transnistria conflict, the republic’s President-elect Igor Dodon said in an interview with the Rossiya 24 television channel on Monday.




“For the first time in the recent seven years, all the pro-Moldova and pro-state forces have united for friendship with Russia, for neutrality, for our Orthodoxy, for the unity of the country in settling the Transnistria conflict,” he said. “The first step has been made.”


Settlement of the Transnistria conflict at the state level in Moldova may begin in early 2017 as Transnistria elects its president, he said.


“My position remains unchanged,” he continued. “We should grant a special status to Transnistria.”


“I believe, the country’s federalization is the only solution,” he said.