The recent Trump’s victory on the presidential election has taken a lot of Americans by surprise. But it would be safe to say that the corporate ruling elites that went all in on Hillary were literally shocked by her defeat. Without her at the head of the state they wouldn’t be able to carry on spreading the corruption, which is believed to be at the foundation of the Clintons clan, but carry on waging wars on other states and arming radical serial killers that are slaughtering thousands of civilians in various parts of the world.




And even though the corporate elites have formally acknowledged Trump’s victory, they are pushing the sitting government to fight the next US President tooth and nail, until all resources are exhausted.


Over the last eight years the Obama administration has acquired a long list of tricks that were used against undesired governments in various parts of the world, while the most effective among them is the so-called “color revolutions” when a coup d’etat is achieved by media manipulations. The US secret services are now prepared to unleash such a revolution on the home front, since they are fairly concerned about their future under Trump, as the Washington Post would report.


The fact that Obama still believes in Trump’s inability to replace him in the White House has already been announced by the White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest. At the same time, he would point out, while commenting the anti-Trump protests in the US that the right for freedom of expression must be exercised without violence, while clearly alluding to the sitting administration has acquired a considerable arsenal of “peaceful” tools that would allow it to get rid of Trump.


That is why we can already witness a wave of “protests” being unleashed under the control of the Obama administration. The corporate media and social networks are making all kinds of remarks against the 45th US President. This very tactics has been used by US intelligence agencies in Brazil, Nicaragua, Hong Kong, Thailand, across the Middle East and Eastern Europe to unleash a “color revolution”. In some countries, such actions have brought foreign government under the direct control of the White House, as we can see it in Ukraine, Brazil and several other countries.


As a result, we are now being told that thousands protest in US cities over Trump election victory. These claimed were followed by a petition published on that demands the US authorities to change the results of the recent election, demanding the electoral college to revise election results during a meeting scheduled on December 19. It’s is being reported that this petition has already been signed by a total of two million people.


It goes without saying that an attempt to launch a “color revolution” in the United States is being supported by a number of Europe states, namely the US, France and Germany, since the ruling elites there have got fairly concerned about the impunity they’ve been enjoying so far, since Trump can put and end to their corruption practises. The British Independentwants Trump to get impeached, while citing the world of a law professor Christopher Peterson, who would claim that there is a strong case for the beginning of legal proceedings that would stop Donald Trump from being president. The impeachment process is usually initiated when a president of a state has committed some sort of a serious offense, but Trump hasn’t been able to do anything yet, since he hasn’t been inaugurated. Still the Independent believes there must be some legal grounds for his impeachment.


It’s clear the train of “color revolution” is under full steam in the US today. What will come up of this attempt to ignore the US Constitution we are still bound to see.