After Trump’s victory, mass protests are played on the Ukrainian scenario, believes the head of the News Front agency Konstantin Knyrik. 




“Exactly the same gatherings were during two Kiev Maidans, the same posts in the social networks, however the Ukrainians had Nayyem, so who is paying Americans to take to the streets and finish off the own state?”, he writes in his Facebook


Протесты в США проходят по методичкам украинского Майдана

Протесты в США проходят по методичкам украинского Майдана


According to Knyrik, the crisis in the US is unavoidable. 


“I have no idea whether Trump is good or bad but I know for sure that the political turmoil is possible. Forces which are accessory to more serious regime changes will swing the situation”, believes Knyrik. 


All those demonstrations are definitely a sign for a new presidential administration, which will begin its work from January 2017. 


“I think that it will definitely make the new administration of President Trump to deal more seriously with domestic issues, and accordingly to stop the occupation of some external areas, I think that the Baltic States and Ukraine are those extra ones”, he noted.