Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry and ambassador to the US Valery Chaly bear responsibility for the flop of Ukrainian policies in America, and especially with regard to the presidential election there, Makiyan Lubkivski, the coordinator of Spravedlivost (Justice) movement said on Thursday.




“One can clearly get an impression the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry didn’t have absolutely any information on the progress of the election race in the US while ambassador Chaly kept convincing Kiev the Democratic candidate (Hillary Clinton) was poised to win 99%,” he said.


“Quite obviously, our embassy in Washington put stakes on the Clinton election staff while maintaining no high-level contacts with Trump’s team,” Lubkivski said.


He recalled the times when he was the Ukrainian ambassador to the Balkan countries.


“I watched many elections in the Balkan region then but I never allowed myself to draw erroneous conclusions, to disorient the government or to confine all the contacts with the staff of just one candidate,” he said.


“To give false recommendations to the government on supporting one or another candidate in an election and to push aside relations with all other participants in the race is a diplomatic blunder that may entail serious aftermaths for bilateral relations,” Lubkivski said.


“That’s why the attempts to save the situation and to send the right signals to the new president-elect and to his team the deputy chief of the Presidential Administration, Konstantin Yeliseyev is making now mean an effort to put up good appearances despite poor showings by the Foreign Ministry and ambassador Chaly,” he said.