US President-Elect Donald Trump may select a businessman, not a career diplomat as the next ambassador to Moscow, the conservative commentator John Gizzi told TASS.




On Wednesday, Gizzi published his forecast regarding a possible makeup of Trump’s Administration. His article ‘Trump’s Cabinet: What It Could Look Like’ in the Newsmax internet publication quoted a well-informed source who said Trump would likely break up with the Republicans’ practice of filling crucial positions with people from previous Republican Administrations.


“Unless you strongly backed Donald, he will be looking for fresh, outside-the-box thinkers,” the source said. “He picked his campaign staff that way. He thinks that’s the best way to go.”


According to him, Trump loves to have people “he’s comfortable with” around him.


A choice of someone from business quarters for the position of the US ambassador in Moscow would be logical, since Trump is more inclined to trust business people.


Also, an appointment of this kind would not be without a precedent, as George H.W. Bush, the 41st president of the U.S., selected the businessman and lawyer Robert Strauss to serve as the ambassador in Moscow during his term of office in the White House, Gizzi recalled.