Police in the US state of Oregon’s city of Portland have arrested nearly 30 protesters on the third day of demonstrations following Donald Trump’s presidential election victory, the Portland Police Department said Friday.


anti-Trump protest


“Police have arrested at least 29 people during riot. Late Friday morning we’ll have a complete update on arrests, charges and photos,” the department said on its Twitter account.


Officers used pepper spray and vapor, as well as rubber baton rounds and rubber ball distraction devices to disperse the crowds that initially gathered late Thursday as a peaceful demonstration.


The Portland Police Department later classified the protests as a riot and an unlawful assembly after vandalism and extensive damage to property.


Some protesters armed themselves with rocks from construction sites, prepared gas flares, and threw objects at police, the department said earlier. It distinguished between “anarchists” and the rest of the demonstrators, calling on those “not wanting to be associated” with the rioters to assemble elsewhere.