Following Donald Trump’s victory in the November 8 presidential election in the US, Washington will focus on domestic policy and distance itself from Ukraine, political analyst Mikhail Pogrebinsky, the director of the Kiev-based Center for Political Research and Conflict Studies told TASS on Wednesday.




“Donald Trump focuses on the solution of domestic problems — economic, financial and others — which there are many of,” Pogreginsky said. “These were his main slogans during the race.”


Pogrebinsky said Trump would make an attempt to hand the Ukrainian problems down to Europe – something the Obama Administration did not allow to happen.


“If he manages to come to terms with Russia, Ukraine will be a low-tier priority and if the US estranges itself from Ukraine, this will give the Europeans a chance to maintain a line that showed up [at a summit conference in the Normandy Four format – TASS] in Berlin,” he said. “It boils down to the postulation that Ukraine isn’t right in some of its actions and Russia isn’t right either and there are problems to be resolved by putting pressure on Kiev.”


Previously it was the US that put up obstacles in negotiations between Europe and Ukraine by extending support to the most aggressively minded Ukrainian elites.


Pending Trump’s victory, Ukraine will see the line suggesting that the incumbent elites should seek compromise solutions with Europe and Moscow likewise, Pogrebinsky said. Along with it, he expressed the hope that “the people from the Ukrainian elite who have earned the reputation of radicals won’t be needed and their capabilities will be slashed, including with the US assistance.”


During the election race in the US, Ukrainian politicians and top-rank government officials leveled sharp criticism at Trump and voiced overt support for Hillary Clinton.