The Dutch submarine’s approach was an attempt to provoke Russian navy sailors to begin unsafe maneuvers in the Mediterranean, Chairman of the All-Russian Movement for Supporting the Fleet Mikhail Nenashev told TASS on Wednesday.


The Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov


Earlier, Russian Defense Ministry said that on Wednesday morning a Dutch submarine had tried to approach the Russian aircraft carrier group in the Mediterranean and spy on it but the Russian warships forced it to leave the area of the aircraft carrier group.


“The Dutch sailors were creating a dangerous navigation situation, hindering our ships from performing their tasks to fight against terrorists,” Nenashev said. “Following their command’s order, they might have been looking for a pretext so that they would have said afterwards that the Russians’ maneuvers were dangerous.”


The expert is convinced that Russian navy sailors and pilots are fighting against terrorists while NATO structures are trying to fight against them.


On October 15, the Northern Fleet’s task force left for the North-Eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean on a mission. It incorporates Russia’s sole aircraft carrier the Admiral Kuznetsov, the heavy guided missile cruiser Pyotr Veliki, two anti-submarine ships The Severomorsk and The Vice-Admiral Kulakov and logistics ships.