On Wednesday, commander of the command center of the Second Brigade of the Jaysh al-Islam (previously known as Liwa al-Islam) terrorist group, Ahmad al-Seidawi, was killed during an air raid of the Syrian Air Force in the city of Douma, the main stronghold of Jaysh al-Islam terrorists in Eastern Ghouta.


According to local sources, a fresh round of offensives was started by Syrian troops in Damascus province in order to complete siege of Douma city. The Syrian Army stormed terrorists’ position on farms, located to the west of al-Reihan town. The attack, carried out in order to extend of siege of terrorists in the town, was a surprise for militants. As the sources noted, Syrian soldiers managed to capture several farms and kill a number of terrorists.


At the same time, several combat sorties were carried out by the Syrian Air Force, which hit positions of terrorists in the regions of Jobar and Zmelka in Eastern Ghouta. As result, a number of terrorists was killed.


After recapturing Tal al-Sawan and Tal (Hill) Kurdi, a new phase of the military operation was started by Syrian troops in Eastern Ghouta in order to liberate al-Shifouniyeh town and al-Reihan and open a way to the main bastion of terrorists in the region – the city of Douma.