Russia will necessarily respond to the inclusion of deputies of the newly-elected State Duma from Crimea in the European Union’s sanctions blacklist, First Deputy Head of the faction of the United Russia ruling party Andrei Isayev said on Wednesday.


Andrei Isayev


The EU added earlier on Wednesday all the State Duma deputies from Crimea and Sevastopol to its sanctions blacklist.


“These are further unfriendly steps of the European bureaucracy towards Russia. I’m confident that Russia will respond with counter-measures,” the politician said in reply to a question from TASS.


“From the legal viewpoint, I deem these actions as unceremonious and trampling upon all the norms of international law,” the parliamentarian said.


According to the politician, “some accusation is brought against people owing to their territorial affiliation and their election from a certain territory, without hearing their position, and a decision is made restricting their rights.”


The lawmaker urged “unbridled supporters of confrontation acting under liberal flags to sober up a little.”


“The events that are taking place in the world, including in the United States [Republican Candidate Donald Trump has won the US presidential elections] show that such types of slogans are coming out of fashion and cease to enjoy the support of millions of people, including those living in the West,” the lawmaker said.