Hillary Clinton has suggested that she might be going to lose the US election.




The Democratic candidate posted an Instagram tribute to her staff and supporters as her chances of winning plunged on the election night.


“This team has so much to be proud of,” she wrote on her official profile. “Whatever happens tonight, thank you for everything.”


The post received huge amounts of interaction, with most either heckling Ms Clinton or expressing their hopes that she would go on to win.


The message came just as Donald Trump’s chances of winning surged. Hillary Clinton had been predicted to win the election for weeks and even as polls closed, but as the election night went on the forecasts switched quickly to Donald Trump.


Ms Clinton’s message didn’t indicate that she expects to lose. But it did suggest that she is looking to a potential loss.


Mr Trump’s chances were being put as high as 70 or 80 per cent overnight, just as Ms Clinton’s Instagram post appeared.