For a lot of the American media, but not the population, the unthinkable has just happened. Donald Trump Jr. is now the 45thPresident of the United States of America.


Trump's victory


At last count Trump won 55.7 million votes at last count and defeated the Democrats’ candidate Hillary Clinton, who did run him close but lagged behind throughout the counting of votes.


Trump, the candidate for the Republicans had been vilified in the press and had quite a bit of opposition even in the American press with stories of his past stunts and current ones. Known as the ‘King of New York City’, Trump has been linked to running for Presidency early on in his life but the American businessman and chairman of The Trump Organisation.


He has never held an elected office in the past though and was up against the more seasoned and experienced Clinton who has been the first lady, senator and a secretary of state.


Trump announced his candidacy for President on June 16, 2015 at New York City. He became the Republican Party’s candidate in May this year after a thumping majority.