Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election shows that American society stands for improving relations with Russia, head of the Republic of Crimea Sergei Aksyonov said.




“I believe Trump’s success shows that there is demand for improving relations with our country in American society,” Aksyonov’s press service quoted him as saying. “It is hard to say what president-elect Donald Trump will do, but he will have to take this demand into account in any case.”


The Crimean head pointed out that during the presidential race, Trump “voiced measured and pragmatic assessments of US-Russian relations.” “On the contrary, Hillary Clinton was castigating Russia like crazy. But it didn’t work in the end,” Aksyonov noted.


According to the latest reports, Trump gained 290 electoral votes, passing the 270-vote hurdle necessary to clinch the White House. Trump’s triumph came as a spectacular surprise since pre-election polls had predicted Clinton would lead him by approximately 4%.