Kucinich said that the 2016 election cycle will help Americans “wise up and will understand in the vernacular of America that they have being played by interests groups who are about their own aggrandizement and could not care less about the day-to-day practical realities of Americans.”


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“This presidential election may not resolve the issues of American foreign policy, but I do believe that as the American people get more and better information about the circumstances which have led us to the threshold of conflict,” Kucinich said.


Kucinich, who commented on the possible influence of Americans on the war policies of the US government, stated that the Americans have had enough of war and will not stand for more.


“The changes that are taking place in American politics will continue past this present election and I think that the American people are becoming increasingly aware that we are being dragged into wars against the interests of the country, and that our foreign policy is run by a combination of ideologues and war profiteers and craven politicians,” he explained.


Kucinich also noted that US foreign policy has all been based on lies “and we realize that there needs to be a correction.”


The main contenders for the US presidency are Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump.