Trump said his camp is leading in Iowa, New Hampshire and Michigan.




“We’re leading in Ohio, we’re leading in Iowa, we’re leading in New Hampshire… And now Hillary [Clinton] just announced she’s going to additional stops. She’s going to Michigan traditionally not a Republican state. We’re leading in Michigan,” Trump said on Monday.


The Real Clear Politics (RCP) average of national polls showed Trump trailing Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate, by about two percent on Monday with Clinton heading for a 297 to 241 victory in the Electoral College that apportions all the electoral votes of each US state.


However, Trump expressed confidence he would win the crucial states of Pennsylvania and Michigan, and achieve a historic national win, confounding the pollsters on the basis of a surge of popular support among voters.


“We are going to have a great victory tomorrow, folks: They have no idea. The dishonest media has no idea… I think we’re going to blow ’em out tomorrow,” he said.


Trump noted he was 12 points behind Clinton in national polls three weeks before, but support for him has steadily risen ever since.