Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is slightly ahead of rival Donald Trump of the Republican Party, according to the results of polls conducted on Tuesday in Florida and North Carolina.


Voting in the US


According to the poll conducted by the Quinnipiac University in Florida, Clinton enjoys support from 46% of voters, Trump – 45%, Liberatrian Gary Johnson – two percent, Green Party’s nominee Jill Stein – one percent. Gravis Marketing presented similar results: Clinton 46, Trump 46, Johnson 4. According to Opinion Savvy poll, Clinton is supported by 48% of voters in Florida, Trump – by 46%, Johnson – by three percent, and Stein – by one percent.


Meanwhile, the Trafalgar Group poll demonstrated bigger support to Trump in Florida – 50% Clinton is supported by 46%, Johnson – by two percent, and Stein – by one percent.


In North Carolina, according to The New York Times and Siena pollster, Trump and Clinton enjoy equal support of 44% Johnson is backed by three percent. According to the Quinnipiac University poll in North Carolina, Clinton is ahead of Trump by two percent.


Forty-eight percent of voters in Virginia, according to the Christopher Newport University, support Clinton, 42% support Trump, three percent support Johnson. In Pennsylvania, according to Trafalgar Group, Trumps is ahead of Clinton, with 48% vs 47. Johnson is supported by two percent, Stein – by one percent.


In Nevada, according to Emerson, Clinton is supported by 47%, Trump – by 46%, and Johnson – by four percent. However, according to Remington Research, Trump is outstripping Clinton in Nevada, with 46% vs 45.


A Gravis poll in New Mexico revealed Clinton’s eight-percent lead – 45 vs 37. In Michigan, Clinton is five-percent ahead of Trump.


In Ohio, according to Emerson, Trump is ahead of Clinton, with a gap of seven percent.