Russia would welcome the mutual removal of restrictions but its Western partners do not show “good will” for lifting sanctions, Russia’s Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev said on Tuesday.


Speaking in front of Italian businessmen he said:


“As for cars, clothes and furniture – there are no restrictions on import. There are restrictions on imports of agricultural products and raw materials. Probably they are quite significant. But this is not our choice. The best proposal would be – mutual abandonment of these restrictions. We would welcome it but, unfortunately, our Western partners do not show the required “good will” in this respect.”


According to Ulyukayev, the Italian government is more positive in this respect than other Western partners of Russia.


“But we are aware of disciplinary membership and responsibility in the European Union. We respect the existing rules, that is why one should look for solutions in the current circumstances,” he said.


According to the minister, creation of joint productions in Russia that would make goods for exports to third countries may become a solution. In particular one of the promising sectors here is winemaking industry, which is now on the stage of revival, he said.


“This market is huge and growing. It also concerns dairy products – cheeses and so on and meat products. There are big opportunities there,” the Russian minister added.