It does not make any difference to Russia who will be the new US president, Sergei Mironov, the leader of the Just Russia faction, told reporters on Tuesday.


US Elections


“The US presidential election is being held today. As far as I understand, the first results will become known as early as 3 am. I will express my personal point of view. It makes no difference whatsoever to Russia who will be elected president,” Mironov stated.


He noted that “despite the fact that Hillary Clinton’s remarks sound more aggressive today, one should not be naive and assume that Donald Trump, if elected, will be more well-disposed.” “Between the two evils it is not worth choosing – this is exactly the case,” Mironov stressed.


He noted that, for the first time in US history, none of the candidates enjoy support or popularity among most Americans. “Both candidates are not really popular. We will observe the elections quietly. Whatever the result, it will be an accomplished fact, and the Russian leadership will have to cooperate with the president who is elected,” Mironov added.