“Based on information provided by the National Intelligence Service, the Iraqi Air Force’s F16 aircrafts have directed an air strike resulted in the destruction of a large store of missiles and ammunition as well as a large amounts of weapons belonging to ISIL terrorist gangs and destroyed it completely in addition to the killing of 12 terrorists in the right side in Mosul,” a statement by the Iraqi military said, Badr News reported.


Iraqi air force


Earlier in a separate development, deputy commander of the Iraqi Army’s anti-terrorism forces managed to kill the ‘Treasury Emir’ of ISIL, who was in charge of the group’s financial affairs in an operation in the Western coast of Mosul.


Major General Abdel Amir Yarallah said in a press statement that forces of Anti-Terrorism Directorate managed to kill the terrorist, nicknamed Fares Abu Bakr, the ISIL’s Treasury Emir, in the Western coast of the city of Mosul, after clashes in Hayy Saddam area.


Earlier this week, Anti-Terrorism forces stationed in the Eastern flanks of Mosul managed to storm into the Western coast of the city, and besiege the areas of al-Karama, al-Malayeen, Shoqaq al-Khadra, Hayy al-Zahraa, Karkokli, Adan and al-Zahabi.