Richard Hayden Black, a Republican member of the Virginia State Senate, told Press TV’s Top 5 that the Democratic nominee has sold American foreign policy to dictatorships around the world.


Hillary Clinton


Hayden Black noted, “Hillary Clinton is a very deeply corrupt, very greedy rather evil woman who has acquired vast wealth just phenomenal wealth as secretary of state by selling American foreign policy to the Muslim Brotherhood, to the Saudi Arabians, to Qatar, to various dictatorships around the world.”


According to the senator, the Clinton global initiative is a foundation that has acquired two billion dollars in a short time, while the foundation does not produce anything, but Hillary Clinton could earn this huge money by supporting Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Qatar and some other dictatorships.


“Unfortunately, in recent years at the very top of the Democratic Party and at the very top of the Republican Party both are parties of war,” he said, adding, there are liberal democrats and conservative republicans who advocate peace, “but the one who really run things tend to favor war and as a consequence they feel rather threatened by Donald Trump.”  


“Donal Trump is really the candidate of peace. I know many of his foreign policy advisers believe that they can work with President [Vladimir] Putin of Russia, they have no interest in regime change in Syria and frankly they have no interest in regime change in any nation over the globe,” he added.


Despite the fact that Hillary Clinton has been under attack for her email scandal, a new poll by the Emerson College Polling predicted Monday that the former secretary of state would win 323 electoral votes , 270 of which is required for a candidate to secure presidency, while GOP nominee Donald Trump is not set to gain more than 215.


According to Real Clear Politics, the Democratic flag-bearer has 47.2 percent national support while the GOP candidate trails with 44.3 percent.