Since bursting onto the global media scene, the US-UK backed ‘NGO’ known as the White Helmets have produced an unprecedented amount of western-oriented war propaganda. From the New York Times to the BBC, to Time Magazine, everywhere you look, you will see establishment western media outlets promoting the White Helmets. Upon closer examination, however, it seems that the group may be reusing its alleged victims as character subjects in its numerous staged rescue photo opportunities.


At first sight the photos which went viral in the Arab and Western media on August 28 2016 excite pity and seemingly righteous indignation: a peaceful Lamb of God aka White Helmets’ volunteer is carrying two injured children. Social media say the photos have been made after attack on Al-Nayrab district of Aleppo.


But she was «saved» more than once: the same girl is carried by the three (!) different «volunteers» each after each.


White Helmets


These photos went viral in the Western media and social networks. It’s obvious that it has been filmed by many photographers including those working for the biggest informational agencies.


The group also claims to have “saved 62,000 lives” since they began ‘search and rescue’ activities in early 2014. None of their incredible claims can be independently verified – and yet, these claims are accepted without question by the entirety of the US and European media and political establishment.