NATO’s aggressive nature is hopelessly irreversible, although the blocs that once confronted the alliance have long ceased to exist, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said in response to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg’s claims NATO was strengthening itself in response to Russia’s growing activity.




“Stoltenberg’s allegations provided fresh evidence the nature of that organization is aggressive,” Peskov said. “Although the blocs that once were NATO’s ‘opposite numbers’ do not exist anymore, this feature is impossible to eliminate by virtue of ideological and political causes.”


Peskov explained that “from the standpoint of measures being taken to ensure its national security Russia has been acting within its borders and these actions do not threaten anyone.”


At the same time the expansion of NATO’s infrastructures towards Russia’s borders was a hard fact, which clearly indicated the alliance’s nature was aggressive.


Earlier, Stoltenberg told The Times that in his opinion Russia had for many years been considerably building up its military muscle and using propaganda in Europe among NATO allies.