The new sniper system for Russia’s special services has passed state trials and is ready for serial supplies, CEO of the Central Research Institute of Precision Machine-Building (TsNIITochMash) Dmitry Semizorov said on Saturday.




“The rifles have successfully passed state tests,” Semizorov said, presenting the new rifle to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. “The work of an interdepartmental commission has been completed,” he added.


The first supplies of the sniper system will be carried out for the Federal Protective Service (FSO), a federal government agency tasked with protecting high-ranking state officials. “We have the first order, the first batch is small, it will be used by the FSO forces and we are already working on serial supplies,” Semizorov said.


The sniper system, developed for the first time in modern Russia’s history, is equipped with optical sight and a 2km laser ranging device. It is fully based on domestic materials, except for the electronic component base in thermal pointers, he said.