The tree of crime bears bitter fruit, and Hillary Clinton might soon be able to confirm as much. At least, that’s what Fox’s Bret Baier’s recent report seems to suggest.


Hillary Clinton


Baier reported Wednesday that an ongoing FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation is “far more expansive than anybody has reported so far,” adding that offices have been investigating claims of corruption separately.


As the probe expands, sources told Baier, individuals who have already been interviewed by the FBI are being called back, helping agents to piece together the great amount of evidence they have collected so far — which continues to grow daily. An “avalanche” of evidence, Baier says, seems to be “coming in every day.”


What Baier was unable to confirm through his sources was eventually unveiled by the Wall Street Journal.


Citing “people familiar with the matter,” WSJ writers report that Department of Justice (DOJ) officials were the ones who “kept pushing back on the investigation,” keeping FBI agents from pursuing more evidence.


Investigators had been seeking information on the Clinton Foundation’s alleged pay-to-play scheme after they listened to a recording “of a suspect in a public-corruption case talking about alleged deals the Clintons made.” But once low-level investigators within the FBI were told to stop pursuing the case, an internal feud erupted, pitting FBI investigators against the FBI’s top officials and the DOJ.


The problems began in February, the WSJ reports, when FBI investigators became frustrated with public corruption prosecutors.


It all started with the May 2015 publication of Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer, a book meant to detail “patterns of financial transactions that circled around decisions Hillary Clinton was making as secretary of state.” Toward the end of 2015, FBI and DOJ officials agreed to meet and discuss the Clinton Foundation before taking action. In February 2016, public integrity prosecutors, FBI officials, and Leslie Caldwell, the head of the DOJ’s criminal division, all met in Washington.


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