On Nov.8, the US citizens will make their choice, after which the country will be headed by either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.




News Front agency’s head Konstantin Knyrik analyzed both of candidates.


“The biggest tragedy is unfolding right now during the final stage: US law enforcement agencies, followed by controlled media, the FBI and other agencies are beginning to smoothly dump Clinton; at that the political elite and the oligarchy are dragging “granny” by the scruff of the neck”, writes Knyrik in his Facebook.


What Clinton will do first?


Konstantin Knyrik drew attention to the fact that a significant number of security forces gave up on Clinton, when others openly criticize. Clinton’s victory could unleash another round of hostilities.


“Why the FBI, security officials and some military officials in the United States turned their backs upon Clinton? Everything is primitive and simple: in the case of her victory they do not want to die for the sake of oligarchs desires to keep America’s economy afloat and preserve their capitals by means of unleashing another wars or perhaps one big war”, said News Front head.


Clinton’s Presidency will lead to massive personnel changes and personnel cleanup, Knyrik wrote.


“In the case of victory, Clinton will arrange harsh political and personnel cleanups, which is fraught with possible civil strife between the oligarchic bloc, security forces and special services. Current, yet a verbal conflict between politicians and special services may develop into a serious political crisis after the ballot. Today, the whole controversy is surrounding Clinton figure, so poorly matched candidate, in my oppinion, as before it was hard to imagine so many dirt on one candidate”.


According to Knyrik, that is convenient to her main opponent, Republican Donald Trump.


“Securocrat’s support of Trump can seriously help him, the Americans do not trust people, whom law enforcement agencies call criminals and radically condemn those who violated the law. Clinton is close to what will get people’s status of “criminal, financial speculator and irresponsible government official”, he noted.


People will “decide” everything


Konstantin Knyrik is sure that Americans, who are carrying democracy “in every home” are a blatant example of the dirty and ugly politics of false elections.


It turns out that in the most democratic country with the democratic values and constant attempts to impose them on the whole world is absolutely disgraceful, dirty and unprepared system and legal framework of elections. Only in the USA there’s no normal law governing the system of elections, and the ballot itself is kind of huge imitation process in which the number of violations inevitable: from the possibility to revote to the lack of voting rolls, lists of dead souls and the right to vote multiple times…”, explains Knyrik.