Terrorists in Syria continue bombardments of the western areas of Aleppo, the chief of the main operations directorate of Russia’s General Staff, Lieutenant-General Sergei Rudskoi, has told a news briefing.




“Militant groups’ bombardments of the western part of the city continue unabated,” he said.


Rudskoi said nearly 40 people have been injured during the shelling of one of Aleppo’s neighborhoods by terrorists.


“On October 30, armed groups in 1070 neighborhood carried out a strike on the Dahiyat al-Assad and Al-Hamdaniyah districts using home-made projectiles stuffed with a chemical warfare agent. Two Syrian servicemen were killed, while 37 civilians were wounded,” he said.


According to Rudskoi, a group of experts from the Russian armed forces’ Scientific Center of Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defense Troops has arrived in Aleppo to take part in the investigation into this attack.


Rudskoi added that militants on October 28 tried to break through into eastern Aleppo and out of it but sustained heavy losses.


Militant groups used the moratorium on flights by Russian and Syrian warplanes over Aleppo to launch active combat operations starting from October 28. There was an attempt to break through into the eastern part of the city towards the Al-Assad Academy. Militants sealed off inside eastern Aleppo tried to launch an offensive in the opposite direction in the area of the humanitarian corridor near the Suk al-Hai market.


“All of the militants’ attacks were rolled back. The terrorists sustained heavy losses, including 21 tanks, 10 BMP armored vehicles, six multiple rocket launchers, 14 mortar crews, 80 trucks armed with heavy machine-guns, and twelve motor vehicles loaded with explosives and driven by suicide bombers,” Rudskoi said.


“Militants’ attempts to break out from northern Aleppo on November 1 failed, too,” he said.


According to Rudskoi, over the past week there were 64 such attacks, which left 127 civilians dead.


“Militants continue bombardments of the western part of the city,” he said. “Over the past week the terrorists opened fire with mortars and ‘hellfire’ launchers on western Aleppo 64 times. The attacks left 127 civilians killed and 254 others injured.”