Moscow warns the US from the disproportionate use of force in Iraq’s Mosul, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova said at a briefing on Thursday.




“The situation in Mosul remains extremely difficult,” the diplomat noted. “On the approaches to the city, armed clashes have been raging on. The number of the settlements liberated from terrorists has exceeded one hundred. However, the amount of the Iraqi servicemen and militiamen killed in the hostilities has also been growing.”


“We are concerned over the degrading humanitarian situation,” Zakharova added. “More and more people are fleeing Mosul and its suburbs. According to the International Organization for Migration, 20,000 people have left the combat zone since the beginning of the operation. But the actual figures are sure to be higher.”


“We have seen reports on mass executions,” the diplomat said. “Around 500 such atrocities have taken place.”


“Apart from reprisals, the citizens of Mosul are forced to leave the city because of the stepped-up bombing raids by the anti-IS coalition led by Washington,” Zakharova pointed out. “Civilian dwelling areas and offices have been hit by airstrikes.”


“We once again urge the US and their allies to act responsibly and refrain from the disproportionate use of force as it happened in Iraq in the past,” Zakharova stressed adding that the election process in the US “should not overshadow the task of preserving the lives of Iraqis.”