Berlin police say they have arrested a man suspected of being a member of a foreign terrorist organization. The man, reportedly a 27-year-old Syrian, has been described by the German media as “highly dangerous.”



The suspect, who has been allegedly living in Germany since 2015, was arrested Berlin’s Schöneberg district, police wrote on Twitter.


“[The] man…. is suspected of being a member of a foreign terrorist organization,” police said.


According to Focus Online newspaper, the man is considered “highly dangerous.”


“We have launched an investigation and we are now waiting to see what the search of [his] apartment gives,” a spokeswoman for the federal prosecutor told FOCUS Online.


Die Welt named the suspect as Ashraf Al-T, citing its sources.


Berlin’s security services describe the man as “a second Jaber Albakr.” Albakr was a 22-year-old Syrian suspected of plotting a bomb attack on Berlin’s airport, who was arrested in October of this year and committed suicide while in prison.