Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey have been abetting terrorists active in Syria, President Bashar al-Assad has noted. 




“Terrorists came to Syria via Turkey, the government provided direct support for them,” Assad asserted. He also accused the Turkish government of supplying the terrorists with funds and weapons.


“Yes, they gave them the green light for that. The US-led coalition is called an ‘international coalition’ but in fact it is a US one, it could receive data from unmanned aircraft proving that the IS (Islamic State terror group outlawed in Russia) was using our oil fields and sending oil to Turkey in trucks,” he elaborated adding that the Turkish president himself as well as his family members “were directly involved in the trade with IS.”


According to Assad, the truck convoys were travelling unimpeded between Syria and Turkey “under the surveillance of satellites and unmanned aircraft”, until Russia joined the conflict upon Syria’s request. “Russia interfered and started to attack the IS convoys, their positions and strongholds. From that moment, the IS had begun weakening,” the Syrian president noted.


“The West gave the green light to countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which are in fact Washington’s puppets… The terrorists operate in Syria with their participation as well as with the involvement of the West and the US,” Assad stated.