NATO led by the United States is building up its offensive potential on the western borders of the Russia-Belarus Union State and Moscow is forced to take defensive measures in response, Russian Defense Minister Army General Sergei Shoigu said on Wednesday.




“The United States and other NATO members are actively building up their offensive potential on the western frontiers of Russia’s ally, opening new bases and developing military infrastructure. There are incessant attempts to impose their will on other countries using economic and political diktat, and also military force. An open information war is underway,” Shoigu said at a session of the joint board of the Russian and Belarussian defense ministries.


According to the Russian defense minister, “these actions are undermining strategic stability and are forcing Russia to take counter-measures of defensive nature, including in the western strategic direction.”


As Shoigu stressed, “the high level of bilateral interaction and the agreed positions on the basic problems of global and regional stability help successfully solve the issues of strengthening the defense potential of the Union State.”


“This approach is the most topical precisely now that the international mechanisms designed to solve crisis situations are stalling while the hotbeds of tension have moved close to our borders,” the Russian defense minister said.


Russia is currently paying special attention to the provision of units and formations in the Western Military District with modern armaments and military hardware, and also to measures of operational and combat training, he said.