Russia is ready to cooperate with the US but Washington has put Moscow on par with the Ebola virus and the Islamic State terrorist group, Russia’s Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev told reporters.


“We are ready to cooperate with the US counterparts provided that our cooperation is based on equality and mutual respect for each other’s interests,” Patrushev said. “But Russia is listed among the main threats to the US national security. We cannot help but wonder what leads Washington to think that Russia can be put on par with ISIL and the Ebola virus.”


According to Russia’s Security Council Secretary, the ways the US plans to respond to the so-called ‘Russian threats’ are also questionable. “For instance, they have been deploying their missile defense systems close to our borders,” he noted. “These systems can be used to launch cruise missiles capable of covering many of Russia’s strategic infrastructure facilities. Of course, the Americans refute the possibility but they can’t provide solid arguments.”


Patrushev also pointed to Washington’s statements saying that the European missile defense system was aimed against Iran only. “Then a legitimate question arises: why the Deveselu military base in Romania was put into service after the Iran nuclear deal had been sealed?” he said.


Russia believes that both self-isolation and attempts to isolate other countries are counterproductive, he said.


“Russia presumes that in the modern international environment opting for isolation or the attempts to isolate other players are both counterproductive,” Patrushev said. “The experience of contemporary history shows that the relations between Russia and the United States will sooner or later return to normal,” he said. “Moreover, their further deterioration does not meet the interests of Moscow and Washington.”