Today, Serbian edition of News Front agency celebrates its first anniversary.


News Front Serbia


Over a year of work, we have conducted more than two dozen live broadcasts from rallies only from Serbia and Montenegro in addition to the support of broadcasts organized by colleagues from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova. Protests against NATO in Montenegro, marches in Belgrade, statements on the ballot results – all that was possible to watch Live on our website. 


Every day, without breaks, weekends and holidays, we were publishing current translations, news and articles, uploading exclusive content.


We have covered the distance: thanks to modern means of communication and records we’ve organized spotlight interviews from from any spot of the Earth. Politicians, public figures, high level analysts, mainly from Serbia, Montenegro, Republika Srpska and Russia became our speakers. 


We have become not just a news portal, but a source of information, including to other Serbian media. Initially with news pieces from Russia, including Crimea, Donbass. And then, thanks to an exclusive interviews and live broadcasts from Serbia and Montenegro. News Front Serbia’s editor Oksana Sazonova as a speaker also was present in other major media, such as Sputnik, “Evening News” Radio Beograd, Radio Snaga Naroda, Serbian TV (Montenegro), IN4S and others. 


And even Oksana Sazonova’s detention along with her colleague, freelance journalist Sergei Belous in Kosovo, when they were deported from the self-proclaimed republic into the Central Serbia did not affect the work of the sourse and made the whole staff to work even harder. 


We adhere to the principle, which were founded in the beginning: to show what is hidden in most of the local media, to expand the media field, to help people navigate in the complex world of information.




Sincere regards, News Front staff