Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov has rebutted pronouncements by MI5 Director General Andrew Parker that Russia is agrressive in promoting its foreign policy.




“These words are not true, we cannot agree with them,” Peskov told journalists on Tuesday.


Parker said in an interview with Britain’s The Guardian daily that Russia was posing a threat to the stability of the United Kingdom and was resorting to all “increasingly aggressive” methods in order to achieve its aims.


“It (Russia) is using its whole range of state organs and powers to push its foreign policy abroad in increasingly aggressive ways – involving propaganda, espionage, subversion and cyber-attacks,” the daily quoted Parker as saying.”


“Russia is at work across Europe and in the UK today,” he said. “It is MI5’s job to get in the way of that.”


“Russia increasingly seems to define itself by opposition to the west and seems to act accordingly,” the chief of the British intelligence service said. “You can see that on the ground with Russia’s activities in Ukraine and Syria.”


“But there is high-volume activity out of sight with the cyber-threat,” Parker said. “Russia has been a covert threat for decades.”


The Guardian reported that Parker became the first incumbent MI5 director general to give a newspaper interview in the 107-year old history of the British intelligence service.