In the latest offensive on Aleppo city from Oct.28 to Nov.1 took part 5,000 militants. The average number of them, including reserve forces, amounted to 16 thousand people, reported war correspondent Roman Saponkov.


Aleppo, Syria


During the initial offensive of the city on Oct.28, the militants, breaching SAA defenses, managed to take control of residental area 3000, housing development 1070, the Military Engineering Academy and Artillery Academy. By Oct.29 further gaining has already been stopped. From Oct.29 the army, holding defensively, harassed the rebel forces and was able to push the enemy out of these areas. According to preliminary data, their loses amounted to about 500 dead and nearly 1,000 wounded, suffered losses in armor as well. SAA loses are also major”, he said.


According to Saponkov, the number of terrorists had no chance of success due to the poor training of the militants.


“The enemy hasn’t been fully prepared for offensive and was doomed to failure. Even without the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces to the west and south-west of Aleppo, the army managed to choose the defense tactics and repel all the attacks”, correspondent noted.


As of Nov.1, losted earlier positions had been fully released. The enemy could not get through to the noose and solve the initial problem. After significant losses the militants unable to continue the offensive. Now, the noose will continue to draw. The further army’s task is the liberation of the entire province of Aleppo”, Saponkov said.