Syria is moving toward national reconciliation, advisor to the Syrian president, Bouthaina Shaaban said in an interview with the Rossiya 24 television channel on Saturday.


Bouthaina Shaaban


“We are absolutely ready to resume those talks, under the condition the other side, taken by the Syrian opposition, is also ready,” she said. “Moreover, we now are moving in a very important direction – to a national truce in Syria.”


Certain progress was achieved in truce inside the country, she added.


“The problem with the opposition is that every part is receiving money from foreign parties – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey,” she said. “This is not at all a national opposition. Those are foreign agents.”


“Those were terrorists, backed by the West, who are responsible for the fact the humanitarian pause was not successful,” she continued.


The West, she said, uses the situation in the Middle East.


“They want us to become again countries of the Sunni, of the Shiite, but we are national countries,” she said. “We are countries, where different nations live. We want to remain strong countries, capable of protecting ourselves and protecting our civilization.”


It would take a decade to have the world become “truly multi-polar.”


“In the world of the kind, the West, at last, will realize it cannot impose its will to Syria or any other country,” the advisor said.