Syrian army and militia are repelling militants’ attacks on the Al-Asad military academy and Bustan az-Zakhra district, while the fighting may soon continue near the Castello Road, the source told RIA Novosti.




“Today, militants once again launched an offensive, this time in the area of the academy and in the Bustan az-Zakhra district. Heavy fighting continues without stopping,” the source said.


The source added that armored vehicles’ detonation and suicide bombers’ attacks were part of the militants’ offensive in the Aleppo district.


According to militia’s data, militants may soon launch an offensive in the north-west of Aleppo near the Castello Road. The northern route used to deliver supplies to Aleppo is under threat to be blocked, the source added.


Moreover, the Aleppo’s south-west, militants attempt storming the military academy and shell Syrian army’s positions.


Al-Nusra Front terrorists and some Syrian rebel groups launched an offensive in Aleppo’s south-west on Friday. Syrian army units managed to retake their positions in the 1070 district overnight. Militants have been shelling residential areas in western and central parts of Aleppo since Friday. According to medical workers, at least 15 people were killed and 150 wounded.