Belgrade press overblowed a scandal, stating as if a group of Russians had been deported from Serbia for allegedly either preparations of a terrorist attack or the coup in neighboring Montenegro. Shortly after Moscow had denied this fiction. However, the media have already associated with that imaginary incident, a trip of the Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev to Belgrade. 


Serbian police


“The Serbian media, most likely, could publish that rumor on Podgorica’s request, for Montenegrin money”, assumes journalist and political activist Konstantin Knyrik. He recalles that on suspicion of organizing of alleged terrorist acts prior to the ballot day had been held a number of rummages and detentions. “As a result, Djukanovic’s regime practically got carte blanche for repressions. The real level of support for the ruling party after the declaration of focus on country’s accession to NATO was the lowest for the entire time of his reign”, said Knyrik to Vzglyad newspaper. 


Former advisor to Serbian President Nikolic Vadim Samodurov, said that this is not the first case of anti-Russian hysteria in the Balkans. Two years ago, the Western media covered the alleged arrest of Russian lobbyists bribing the Serbian officials to address issues in favor of Russia. He noted that if wished the “hand of Moscow” could be linked to any events in the region.


“In fact Moscow does not conduct an active policy in the region. Now, unfortunately, or fortunately, the Balkans are not included in our geopolitical interests. All talks about the Russian military base in the Montenegrin Bar are just talks”, said the analyst. “The scheme covered by some newspapers is too transparent: Patrushev arrived to Serbia to settle the issue with the Russians, accused of organizing riots in Montenegro. As for the “big game” – everything is too obvious somehow”, he said.