UNICEF when reporting on the alleged air strike on the school a school in the Syrian city of Idlib, was referring to the information provided by the Syrian Civil Defence, also known as “White Helmets”. In the West, the organization is positioned as the only one which helps the Syrians during the war years. But, as it turned out, the “White Helmets” repeatedly were organizing provocations, including the accusations of Russia in attacks on civilians.




“Published on the eve photo and video content shows only destructions that abstract viewer can never identify. The video was professionally edited, showing the broken desks in school, weeping women, but it is unclear exactly when the attack was carried out and, most importantly, how it was carried out. Nevertheless, the Syrian Civil Defence has accused Moscow of organizing school bombing”, said in the message of the analytical center Katehon.


“Air strikes by Syrian or Russian warplanes on Wednesday killed at least 26 people, most of them schoolchildren, in a village in Syria’s rebel-held Idlib province”, says the report.


At the same time, it’s known that a week ago, Russia has restricted flights over Syria, providing the carrying out of humanitarian mission in Aleppo. That, in particular, was reminded by the Russian permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin, commenting on the report of the organization’s Deputy Secretary General, who once again allowed himself to accuse Moscow.




“White Helmets” are funded by George Soros, known for his anti-Russian propaganda. The first installment in amount of 300 thousand dollars was made in 2013, when the organization has just appeared. Then another 13 million. Now, according to the Syrian sources, the organization budget is about $ 50 million.


The “White Helmets” have become the media image, which coveres the atrocities of the Syrian opposition fighters.