The front pages of the entire world’s media in recent years have the information about the rivalry between Russia and the United States. An open challenge was thrown to the world’s policeman for the first time in almost thirty years. Having their own opinions, ambitions and interests of Russia in the international arena rather surprised and angered not only fat and slightly lazy the United States, but also lured by them the states. And when our country has gotten, if not all, but a lot – anxiety gave way to panic.




If in terms of the economy, we are still far from the superpower status, then about our armed forces do not say so. Reforms and development of the military-industrial complex made naturally almost impossible the open violent conflict between Russia and NATO:  the price for once the mistake would be too high. Only lazy people do not criticize the policy of sanctions in the West — the alleged knockout of Russian economy only gave impetus to its growth and by boomerang hit entire sectors of European industry. Total West stalled in the Syrian conflict, confused in the testimony and makes mistake after mistake, pushing Middle Eastern countries to the rapprochement with Russia. China actively develops cooperation with its Northern neighbor, to the detriment of relations with Europe and America. Another color revolution, organized in Ukraine, suddenly turned off the intended rails, dragging after them a whole heap of trouble.


It became clear that the United States have greatly overestimated their own power, and this inevitably entailed the loss of image that for the state hegemony is simply unacceptable. Most embarrassing for Washington in this series of failure was the success of Russia with Vladimir Putin as the leader: success in politics, economy, diplomacy and war. The monopoly of States on geopolitical market was under threat. And Americans, as experienced marketers, decided to suppress the resistance by propaganda — or, in modern language, by the methods of PR and advertising.


The American and world media were filled by anti-Russian and openly Russo-phobic publications. The information war is gaining momentum — it is a long time coming and in our territory. Threats against Russia are heard at the highest level.


Moreover, U.S. relations with Russia were the main topic throughout almost the entire presidential race. The words of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton can be considered the opinion of the American establishment, which finances and supports the election of former Secretary of state for this position. For them, Russia is like a bone in the throat, and Putin — the enemy of the entire system, which was built for centuries by “large families of America”. The current presidential campaign was marked by a phenomenal surge of revelations and hacker activity. The leaks revealed the true face of the American political system, with its corruption, lobbying, nepotism and the succession — and then beat on Hillary. And in every hacker hacking she saw the hand of Kremlin; in each attack on their political impropriety and corruption, Clinton heard Russian accent.


Another confirmation of the fact that the American elite of their main enemy can see Russia was the threat of the CIA to find and publish documents to discredit Putin and his entourage. In addition, large-scale hacker attacks were promised to Internet services. However, so far hackers (this time from the Ukrainian group “Cyber-Berkut”) strike on the United States. On Saturday were the published documents revealing the mechanisms for the maintenance of America’s information campaign against the political leadership of the Russian Federation using of custom-made for investigative of journalism.


Customers were long familiar to our competent authorities of the subversive centers: the U.S. national endowment for democracy (NED), which is actually a branch of the CIA; William Browder, the author of the “Magnitsky Case”, international con artist, who considers Vladimir Putin as his personal enemy; David Satter, the right hand of Browder, an American journalist who was denied entry into the territory of the Russian Federation — allegedly for violation of immigration laws, but actually on suspicion of espionage; “Radio Liberty”, which is directly funded by the U.S. Congress and has repeatedly been accused of close cooperation with the American intelligence community; Soros Foundation, which needs no further introduction. The first attempt to attack Putin became a failed project “Panamageyt”, funded by NED, Soros and Browder. From the Russian side it was attended by journalists of “Novaya Gazeta” and “Vedomosti”; however, this leak did not bring significant fruit.


The first signs of national “independent journalism” flew after that. By the money of NED, David Satter organized a project in which “investigative journalism” and “deep analytics” were to be published. The bet was made at discrediting the Russian leadership, Putin and the close people to him; then the widest possible dissemination of these materials through loyal mass media was to follow. In documents, published by hackers, these publications are listed in plain text: “RBC”, “statement”, “Rain”, “Elephant” and the Fund Navalny. “Radio Liberty” in this scheme, apparently, functions as a basic site — the materials for distribution accept there without questions.


American intelligence agencies, in fact, organized a network of subversive centers, where in Russia is a war for minds. For ten months of the project about 25 publications were done. Here, there are the investigation by Navalny, and “tearing off the covers from all and all” and the controversial publication in the “liberal” media.


Interestingly, in the report of Sattara, posted by hackers, was announced material about certain problems in the Moscow region, which should cast a shadow not only on the regional officials, but also on the first persons of the state. This is confirmed by the popular Russian journalist and blogger Oleg Lurie. In plain text he says that for 15 thousand dollars he was offered to prepare and circulate completely unproven materials, damaging the reputation of the family of the Governor of the Moscow region and a number of senior managers. He refused, but said that an article is prepared for publication in the “Gazette”. It is a pity that the publication, which once was famous for its impartiality and honesty, now closely connected to anti-Russian information campaign by the West.


The irony is that accusations of corruption are presented by bought journalists by request of corrupt politicians by money, collected from ordinary citizens to satisfy their own ambitions.  It is nothing to add essentially. American intelligence agencies, using their network of subversive centers of the Russian opposition and some international crooks, trying by any, even the dirtiest methods to undermine people’s confidence in Putin and his entourage. Their purpose is very clear.


Vysotsky’s words come to mind: “I have a complaint to the authorities of my country, but to solve them I won’t be with you.” This should be a healthy opposition. And people, for a barrel of jam and a box of biscuits are ready to sell their country and their people, were and are quite simply traitors.