Kiev forces fired at civilians who were trying to cross the Severskiy Donets in vicinity of  Slavyanoserbsk, wounding a man, an LPR People’s Militia spokesmen said.


“On October, 18th  at 7.20 a.m. Ukrainian forces opened unwarned small arms fire on a ferry in Slavyanoserbsk area, while civilians were trying to cross the line of contact in boats,” LPR People’s Militia representative Andrey Marochko said.


“Two civilian cars were damaged on the LPR side of the river, one local man was wounded.”


Ukrainian armed forces and fighters of nationalistic squadrons routinely fire at people who try to cross the river via non-authorized ferries. The locals of frontline areas often resort to such improvised crossings as the only official check point in Lugansk region is situated in Stanitsa Luganskaya (north of Lugansk) and it is accessible via the bridge. All pedestrians including elderly and physically impaired ones have to climb steep wooden ladder to get to a temporary bridge built over an old one, blown up by Ukrainian forces almost two years ago.


The similar incident was reported on October, 11th, when a conflict between Ukrainian servicemen and civilians who were trying to cross the line of contact in Slavyanoserbsk area resulted in four cars damaged.