The Czech Nova Republika edition criticized the statement of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic Milan Hovanets about the creation in its department of a committee consisting of 20 members who will be engaged in fighting against the Russian propaganda.


“But why was the committee established only against the so-called Russian propaganda, but not against the American one as well? Today everyone knows already that those lying godlessly, are actually the American media which Americans call presstitutes, that is “prostitutes”. Every day we convince of it dozens of transatlantic scientists and philosophers (Noam Chomsky), film directors (Oliver Stone), and also dozens of journalists and politicians, including one of the members of Reagan’s government P.K. Roberts, the author of the so-called reaganomics which led to a series of negotiations between Gorbachev and Reagan about completion of Cold War,” emphasised the writer.


At that in the article it is said that “to reach people in general and at the same time not to die under a layer of the American lie, the truth both in the USA, and in the West could do notjing else but to get over in an Internet vault as quickly as possible.”


“But how long shell we stand? And what if the committee on neutralization of the so-called Russian propaganda is actually the first step after which domestic and international liquidators of the truth will intrude in the Internet as well and ruin everything totally? And only a stench of the future thousand-year global lie will be left instead of the truth both here, and in general everywhere in the world?”